in 25 questions

Freemasonry is neither a religion nor a cult, but rather an organization that offers a philosophy, a moral system, and a lifestyle that are inherited from the stonecutters of the Middle Ages. Freemasonry does not provide a path to salvation, but rather a reflection on the role of the human being within society, here and now. It aspires to improve humanity one person at a time. With the help of these 25 questions, you can now discover this highly misunderstood fraternity, which has for so long been the subject of some of the wildest myths.

HERVÉ GAGNON holds a doctorate degree in history and a master’s degree in museology. Having worked in heritage development and as a university professor, he now devotes himself entirely to writing. Considered a master of the detective novel and esoteric thriller, Gagnon is the author of the book series La Mort du Temple (Hugo & Cie), Vérité (Hugo & Cie), Damné (Hurtubise), Malefica (Libre Expression), and Les enquêtes de Joseph Laflamme (Libre Expression), as well as several YA thrillers, including Le Talisman de Nergal (Hurtubise), Cap-aux-Esprits (Québec Amérique), and Le Projet Pox (Québec Amérique). His books have received numerous awards, including the 2014 Prix Saint-Pacôme for best first detective novel and the 2018 Arthur Ellis Award for best French crime novel in Canada.

Freemasonry in 25 questions
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80 pages | Octobre 2018 | ISBN : 978-2-924914-49-6